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RT @TheraBand : Wondering what tools #champion @lindseyvonn deploys to ready herself for competition? Find them here:…

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RT @InStyle : Olympic skier @LindseyVonn launches a super sleek signature collection with @UnderArmour :

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My reflection. “Shining City on a Hill.”

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RT @UN : Climate change Land degradation Over exploitation Natural disasters Mountains are under threat. Spread the word that mountains mat…

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Stay strong Keaton! We are all behind you. Not everyone is a bully. There are still good people in this world. Beli…

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RT @youtholympics : We are so happy to announce that @LindseyVonn will be an Ambassador for the Youth Olympic Games @lausanne2020 ! Thank yo…

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Unfortunately I will not be able to race today. I am extremely disappointed but my biggest goal this season is the…

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Our @usskiteam doctor checked me out and no imaging is needed 🙌🏻 just need the joint and the muscles to calm down so I can move again.

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Looks like i have an acute facet (spinal joint) dysfunction. I got compressed on the 6th gate and my back seized up…

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Driven by ambition and focused on speed. I block out the noise🎧 #AboveTheNoise @beatsbydre #ontheteam

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